Columbus Catholic vs Loyal (softball)


SPORTSDESK  – In a wild game at Marshfield Fairgrounds Park, the Columbus Catholic Dons and the Loyal Greyhounds tangled in a one-run game with 37 runs scored. The two Cloverbelt East teams punched and counter-punched their way to an extra eighth inning before the contest would be decided.

At times, both teams were suspect on the field, leading to additional scoring opportunities. With the spring sports schedule being delayed due to record April snowfalls, outdoor on-field practice time has been a rarity. That lack of practice seemed to rear its head multiple times for both teams with overthrows, missed throws or players shyly getting the ball to its proper place. One things that did not suffer from lack of practice was hitting with both teams teeing off from the plate throughout the game.

Next up for Columbus Catholic – May 8th at home vs Colby. Next up for Loyal – May 4th at Colby.